Consider Elevating Your Knees to Help You Sleep Despite Sciatica Pain

asleepingEven though your sciatica symptoms are inconvenient, they do not take time off to accommodate your sleep schedule. The pain tends to flare up during the night, and making it difficult to fall asleep at all.

Finding relief from your sciatica symptoms might not be easy, but when you take the time to learn about your prognosis, you can better prepare yourself for finding ways to get some sleep.

The first things you can do to fight back against a sciatica flare up is to elevate your knees.

This is because 1 of the 5 sciatica nerve roots in your back or either irritated or compressed. Sleeping with your knees elevated may help to alleviate your symptoms because is minimizes the pressure placed on your nerve roots.

To elevate your knees try these steps:

  • Lie flat on your back keeping your buttocks and heels in contact with your bed. Then bend your knees towards the ceiling.
  • Put a pillow in between your bed and your knees for further support. You can add additional pillows until you find a knee position that is comfortable.

Try not to be too upset if you still do not find the relief you are looking for. Everyone is different, and sometimes finding the perfect sleeping position is just not enough. Keep experimenting until you find a position that reduces your pain.

For help finding relief from your sciatica symptoms, enlist the help of a chiropractor in Vancouver WA who will take the time to understand your individual pain! Click here to contact A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic today!