Dr. Henderson has had many positive chiropractic experiences over the years. A few of her patients have been kind enough to share their thoughts through a simple testimonial. Read on to see what these clients have to say about the clinic, their chiropractic treatments and the results.

Back on the bike!

Until recently I have been skeptical of chiropractic. That was until I visited Dr. Henderson. Last year I took a tumble on my motorcycle, fracturing my first rib and sustaining damage to my shoulder. The pain in my shoulder and neck never went away and at times was almost debilitating. I tried physical therapy, cortisone injections etc. with no luck. I was at my wits end because I wasn’t able to even handle being on my bike for an hour. We had some rides planned so I decided to try something different. My friends recommended that I see Dr. Henderson. I have been so impressed by Dr. Henderson, she was able to zero in on my troubled areas and I am seeing amazing progress. I am confident be the end of my treatment I will be as good as new or better! The office has a pleasant atmosphere and the staff is good to deal with. Dr. Henderson has made me a believer!

~~Wendy, Vancouver WA

Don’t get shots or surgery!

I had severe pain in my wrist caused by years of playing bass guitar. The tendons were inflamed to the point were simple tasks as turning the door knob or holding a plate of food was painful. The doctors told me to get cortisone shots or surgery. Cortisone is like putting a band aid on cancer and a surgery is not successful most of the time. My brother told me to give Dr. Henderson a try. I found my neck was misaligned irritating the nerves in my wrist. The adjustments were not painful and within two weeks the pain in my wrist was half as much as before. Now the pain in my wrist is almost all gone, I no longer have pain when I work or play the bass guitar. It has been a life saver! Don’t get shots or surgery, but try chiropractic, you’ll be glad you did!
~~Tamas, Clackamas OR

Headaches no more!!

I came to Dr. Henderson with a great deal of pain on both sides of my neck.  I also had been experiencing CONSTANT headaches for about 6 weeks!  Xrays revealed a great deal of arthritis  in my neck and my range of motion was very limited. After 4 visits I had full range of motion (at least I feel like it), very slight pain and  NO headaches.  Hooray for Dr. Henderson!!  My energy is back and I feel like my “old” self again!

~~L.C. Vancouver, WA



I have been having lower back pain, and very tight shoulders with a burning sensation. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was a definite 10 on the pain level. I’ve had treatments back in the 90’s so I knew Chiropractic worked and that I needed it again. I decided to give Dr. Henderson a try.

Now, my lower back is much better, my shoulders are relaxed and the burning is all the way down to a 3! I feel so much better and am now able to relax again!

Thank you so much Dr. Henderson!

~~Debbie Frank, Vancouver WA

Better Health

I was at Curves doing my usual work out of Zumba and Dr. Henderson was there educating people about the benefits of Chiropractic care.

I made an appointment with Dr. Henderson after she discussed my condition with me and suggested to try Chiropractic care as an all natural approach to keeping ourselves healthy. In the x-ray coverage, it was discovered that there were several problems concerning my spinal health – and I haven’t looked back since my road to better health began!

Dr. Henderson is very thorough and explains everything concerning my health. It’s easy to relax and let her gentle technique of adjustments “adjust the problems away!” I let everyone at Curves and my family & friends know how great she is! Thanks Doctor Henderson!

~~Dolores, Vancouver WA

No More Pain

I used to ache all over, my shoulders and my neck hurt all the time and I was having trouble with my knee. Also, I had fallen numerous times and had hit around the head area. I had never been to a Chiropractor because I didn’t think it would help. I’m so glad Dr. Henderson came to Curves or I would never have tried this phenomenal form of treatment. The doctor told me I had arthritis in my neck and that was the pain I was feeling.

Since I’ve been seeing Dr.Henderson, I’ve steadily gotten better. I tell everyone about her, she is great!

I would recommend her to everyone!

~~Kathie Gilcher, Vancouver WA

Alan Anderson Chiropractic Care

I have degenerative lower spine problems as well as osteoarthritis. I was having chronic lower back stiffness and pain and could not bend over without significant pain. This affected my exercise and work movements. On a number of occasions I have had Chiropractic treatment for acute problems in the past and it appears this has now become chronic.

Dr. Henderson took x-rays and made the diagnosis of degenerative spinal disease. She began an intensive program of treatment with the activator. I am feeling much better and the lower back pain and stiffness have improved significantly! I certainly recommend her and A Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who needs care!

~~Larry, Vancouver WA


I have been having low back pain for about 2 years. I tried physical therapy but even that didn’t help me. I would often have pain when I woke up in the mornings and always hurt after work. Today, I am 99% pain free. When I do feel tenderness or pain, which is rare, I realize it is due to poor posture or forgetting to do my stretches. After an especially physical stretch at work (I am a Nurse), I will come in for an adjustment and be pain free when leaving!

Thank you Dr. Henderson!

~~Misty Richards, Vancouver WA