Dr. Chani Henderson

About Dr. Henderson

Dr. Henderson is a graduate of University of Western States Doctor of Chiropractic program. She has had 9 years of formal education and is continuously looking for new information and treatments that she can apply to your care.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Henderson believes in treating the whole patient, not just covering up symptoms. That’s one reason she encourages you to ask her questions. The better you know your body, the healthier you can be. Along with being interested in auto accident injuries, family and sports care, Dr. Henderson has a strong interest in Pediatric care and Women’s health.

Personal Interests

Being the native Washingtonian she is, Dr. Henderson and her husband enjoy such things as surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding/skiing, hiking and camping. She and her husband have two puppies that tag along with them wherever they go. Gymnastics is a personal passion of Dr. Henderson, as she was a competitive gymnast for 9 years.


B.S.: Pre-Medicine & Zoology, Washington State University 2007

Research Assistant: Psychology Department, Washington State University 2005-2007

B.S.: Human Biology, University of Western States 2010

D.C.: University of Western States 2010

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