Chiropractors Vancouver WA

Chiropractors in Vancouver WA work to find the most efficient way to get your back and body working and feeling well.

When you first walk into A Sports & Family Chiropractic Clinic you will likely have a great deal of questions and pre-conceived notions about chiropractic services. We are here to treat and educate you.  Always feel free to ask questions when visiting the chiropractors at our clinic.  We love to help people understand their body and how our treatment helps them to feel better.

Our areas of practice include:

What you should know about your first visit:

The first time you meet your chiropractor, your consultation will consist of filling your chiropractor in on the circumstances of your existing health conditions and worries.  It is important to be as thorough as can be, because it may help narrow down the underlying causes of your pain.  This includes when the pain started or techniques that have worked in the past for relief, even if it was just temporary relief.

Once we review your medical history, the chiropractic examination will take place.  At this time it will be determined if a treatment method can help you feel better and get back to normal life. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone who can. Our goal is for you to achieve optimal health. For us to achieve this goal, your treatment plan needs to be individualized and fit your needs.

If you have been experiencing pain and are unsure of the cause, you should consider contacting your A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic at (360) 254-0400. We can help you feel better by discovering how effective chiropractic care can be at improving your life. Feel free to read more about our general chiropractic services on our website.