A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Discusses Keeping Your Spine Happy- Part Two


training-828741_640In this series of blog posts, we are discussing a few elements to help you make your spine happy.

These activities can play a role in your ability to heal from injury or manage your condition.

Here are some things you can do to help you support your spine:

  • Find shoes that support your spine: Whether you do most of your walking for exercise or simply need to get from place to place, the shoes that you wear play an important factor in supporting your lower back. Having good shoes helps to provide a supportive base, which helps give your spine and body the ability to remain in alignment.
  • Take the time to get a great massage: Massage has a number of therapeutic benefits, including stress relief. A good massage will help increase the endorphins in your body (which are your body’s natural pain killers). This may help you cut down on the medications that you take to control your back pain. Massage can also help increase blood flow, which in turn helps to start and speed up the healing process. If regular trips to a massage therapist are not in your budget, you can achieve similar results with a good massage chair.
  • Practice ergonomics while sitting: Long periods of sitting can create or aggravate a painful back condition. When you are sitting at a desk and/or looking at a computer screen, try not to slouch or lean forward. This can stress your lumbar discs even more.

Following these suggestions can help you experience less pain and allow you to enjoy your life that much more.

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