A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Discusses Keeping Your Spine Happy- Part One

hamstringWhether you are suffering from a herniated disc, strained muscles, or spinal stenosis, it can take a while to get the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for your pain. All the while, you are dealing with health insurance battles, family, friends, and other every day stressors. All of this on top of your back pain can be debilitating and depressing.

This blog post offers a few things you can do to achieve some level of pain relief and comfort:

  • Allow your spine to rest while you sleep: When you lay down for the night, it is important to rest the structures of your back that have been working hard all day long. Make the most of this rest time by finding a mattress that will facilitate pressure removal and relaxation. As long as you choose a mattress that allows you to achieve the best sleeping position for you condition, your spine will be able to reach optimal rest while you are sleeping.
  • Work to exercise your core to further strengthen your abs and back muscles: Working out your lower back and abdominal muscles will help you support your spine and take the pressure off your lower back. Unfortunately, for most people, your core muscles are rarely used during your day-to-day life. Targeted exercises can help reach these specialized areas.

Sleep and exercise are two key elements to keeping your back free of pain.

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