Your Trusted Chiropractors in Vancouver WA Think that a Bath can Help You Sleep Despite Your Sciatica Pain

mattressIn our last blog post we discussed the importance of elevating your legs as a means to find relief from your sciatica pain. This type of pain can keep you up and night and drastically impact your quality of life.

If elevating your legs does not help you achieve the results you are looking for, there are a few more things you can try.

Now this might seem simple, but enjoying a warm bath before bed can help you sleep by releasing the pain fighting endorphins in your body. It can also assist in relaxing the muscles in your back.

Consider this:

  • Some people who suffer from moderate to severe sciatica find it much easier to fall asleep right after a bath, while other find that they need to participate in an activity that helps them wind down afterwards. It is important that you find a routine that works both for you and your pain.
  • When you run your bath, remember that the temperature of the water should be comfortably warm, not hot. Overly hot water can make it more difficult to fall asleep because it can cause your body temperature to rise.
  • Some people simply do not like baths. If this sounds like you, there are a variety of other heat therapy options that can help you.

To learn more about your chronic pain, consider contacting our experienced chiropractors in Vancouver WA. We will work with you to develop a plan for managing it. You sciatica doesn’t have to control your life, or your sleep! Click here to read more about us.