Get to know Dr. Henderson!

Chiropractor in Vancouver WADr. Chani Henderson is a Chiropractor in Vancouver WA that is dedicated to keeping her patients as free from pain as possible.

Outside of the clinic, her hobbies include family time, playing with her son, reading, and anything to do with playing in the water. She describes herself as a “fish” stating, “For me, being outside and on the water is centering.”

When Dr. Henderson isn’t at home doing what she loves, she is at her clinic following her other passion!

She chose her career path because when she was growing up, chiropractic was a part of her normal health care, just as seeing the doctor or dentist. She was able to realize how it positively affected the health of her and her family, from her brother’s asthma and ear infections to her gymnastics experience.

She describes her personal experience with chiropractic care as “I was a competitive gymnast for 9 years and had plenty of injuries during that time. Chiropractic helped me get back to my sport quickly and also helped lessen the severity of the injuries.” This led her to the belief that it can be extremely beneficial for anyone from just about any background.

To get to where she is now, she obtained 2 bachelor degrees. One in Zoology/Pre-Med and the other in Human Biology. She then went on to complete her 4-year Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree. And for the past 7 years, she has been in practice. The first 5.5 years were spent as an Associate and after that, she took over as owner of Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic in Vancouver WA.
jelleke-vanooteghem-337719Dr. Henderson practices in a variety of areas from family and pregnancy care to motor-vehicle accidents and sports injuries. She especially loves playing a role in their preventative care and watching them grow together. It is also important to her that she is able to be there for them when they experience hardships, such as injuries or car accidents. Overall, she loves that she can provide her patients with a well-rounded chiropractic experience that can help speed up recovery and provide healing regardless of what life throws their way.

When she was asked about the most rewarding part of her job, she answered that helping individuals reach their personal goals of health and having them live a pain-free life. It is her personal experience that you only get one body, and it is not meant to withstand a life full of pain.

She also enjoys providing her clients with a wealth of education about managing pain and finding ways to relieve it. “It is so rewarding when I see that someone leaves my office with a greater understanding of how their body works.” This is due to the fact that when someone understands their body, they will be better able to take control of their healing and quality of life.

Neck Pain - Male Anatomy Sportsman Holding Head and Neck - Cervical Vertebrae Area - isolated on white

She believes that chiropractic care can help her patients in a variety of ways, from freedom from pain to faster healing time. She also summarizes that chiropractic care is most beneficial in “identifying and resolving immobilities, asymmetries, and imbalances in the musculoskeletal system.”

There are varying suggestions about how often a “healthy” client should visit their chiropractor for an adjustment, but to Dr. Henderson, prevention is key.

She recommends that her clients visit her monthly for preventative care, less frequently for children. This allows us to find asymmetries or areas of stress early, while they’re still small, and to take care of it before it becomes a crisis injury. “It’s like going to the dentist regularly in order to keep your teeth healthy and to find cavities or gum disease while it is still a relatively easy fix” she added.

On the other hand, for patients who require treatment of common issues like stress, anxiety, neck injury, back injury, sports injury, and etc, she believes in creating an individualized treatment plan that is as unique as the patient.

legs-434918_640“How often you see your chiropractor depends on the underlying condition causing these symptoms. But I frequently work hand in hand with physical therapists, primary care specialists, acupuncturists and massage therapists to get patients healthy as quickly as possible.” -Dr. Henderson

To help speed up a recovery at home Dr. Henderson expresses the importance of following all home-care recommendations.

If I tell you to ice or heat or prescribe you stretches and exercises, it’s to help you heal faster. I only see you for a small period of time. Following the home-care recommendations can help you have a more swift, lasting recovery.” Following these suggestions is an important part of the healing process.

If you are looking for a chiropractor that will fully invest in your health and happiness, look no further than your local Chiropractor in Vancouver WA! Contact her today and she will be with you every step of the way!