5 Definitive Reasons Why Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care are a Perfect Match

babychiropractorMaking the decision to expand your family is exciting! There are videos to watch, books to read, and so many helpful friends and family members who are more than willing to offer advice. As soon-to-be parents, you likely feel the pressure to do things by the book to ensure a healthy and happy baby.

Your trusted pregnancy chiropractor in Vancouver WA thinks that the very best thing you can do for your baby is to give them the best head start possible by having a healthy pregnancy.

Living a healthy lifestyle can better your chances of providing the best developmental environment for your child while they are still in the womb.

It is obviously recommended that you avoid risky behaviors such as using drugs, over-indulging in alcohol, and exposure to tobacco products during pregnancy, along with many other foods and activities. The list can be simply overwhelming, and just as important as the list of “what not to do when pregnant” is the list of “things to start doing.”

At Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, we think that one of those “things” is pregnancy chiropractic care.

For many of our patients, chiropractic care is a very important tool in recovering from injury or combating regular every day stressors. That said, with the additional and specific stressors that pregnancy places on the body, there are many reasons to seek chiropractic care throughout your entire pregnancy.

Here are five important reasons why:

  • When you become pregnant, your belly displaces around 25-35 pounds to the abdomen. This greatly increase the stress on your sacroiliac joints.
  • As you grow, your belly is projected forward and the lumbar curve is increased. This places extra stress on the discs and joints between the vertebrae.
  • As your baby grows, the way they are positioned causes changes in the proper movement of the pelvis.
  • As your lower back experiences a shift, your neck will translate forward in compensation. This can cause muscle spasms and headaches.
  • Your hormones will increase, causing hyper-mobility in the pelvis and a decrease in the overall stability of your spine.

arteida-mjeshtri-151140When you seek chiropractic care during your pregnancy, the goal is to counteract these additional stressful forces.

Functioning with proper motion during pregnancy not only helps relieve discomfort, but it also allows the tissues, organs, and cells associated with pregnancy to operate at their best potential by removing interference from the nervous system.

Another possible benefit from receiving chiropractic care during your pregnancy is that it can actually lead to a shorter labor time. This is because it helps align your pelvis, creating a more efficient position for the baby during delivery.

So, as you work your way through the list of “do’s” and “don’ts” during your pregnancy, one thing is for sure, contacting your favorite pregnancy chiropractor in Vancouver WA, at Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic is a definite “do.” Not only is she dedicated to guiding you through a healthy pregnancy and delivery, she wants to ensure a lifetime of wellness for you and your baby.

Congratulations on your decision to grow your family!