Take Back Summer With Our Injury Prevention Screen

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to get out there and enjoy all of the wonderful adventures this time of year has to offer. At Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, we know that for many of you this means summer vacations, and for others, this means a variety of outdoor activities.

Prevent summer injuries with an injury prevention screenYour chiropractor in Vancouver WA is ready to help you take on those fun and exciting extra-curricular activities with a summer injury prevention screening. Not only will this help give you peace of mind that you are ready for anything, it will let you know if there is anything you should be watchful for over the warm summer season.

Whether you are an avid sports professional or simply gearing up for some fun and relaxation, the extra moving you do in the summer is great for your health. Below are a few benefits of getting active:

  • You might lose a little weight
  • You will very likely feel like you have more energy
  • You will have the opportunity to have fun with friends
  • You will avoid spending a summer sedentary
  • You can lower your chances of health problems
  • You will improve your level of endurance
  • You will make some lasting memories

These benefits definitely outweigh any risk of injury you might incur, but it is always important to follow safety precautions to avoid any unintended injuries.

Below are just a few summer activities you might consider taking part in to stay fit this year:

  • Low activity sports like golf
  • High activity sports like baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, or biking
  • A daily walk around the block
  • A hike on your favorite nature trail
  • A morning run to get your heart rate up
  • Boating, fishing, water skiing, swimming, or inner tubing
  • A workout class at the gym
  • A high adrenaline sport like cliff jumping, motorbiking, riding an ATV or motorcycle
  • Anything else that gets your heart rate up and works your muscles

We all know that the benefits of exercise and physical activity keep us fit, both mentally and physically. That said, there are many sports injuries that take place each year. For this reason, as your trusted chiropractor in Vancouver WA, we believe that prevention is vital.

A summer injury can result from the following: 

  • Taking part in a sport or activity with improper training, not warming-up and stretching prior to taking part, improper gear or footwear, lack of conditioning, using equipment that is not safe or efficient, or in children, a rapid growth spurt.
  • Slipping, falling, colliding with another player, equipment, or other hard surface Injuries often occur in the lower back, ankle, knee, shoulder, or neck
  • An overuse or repetitive strain injury from running, throwing (overhand), swinging a golf club or using a tennis racket can cause a strain to the muscle or other area resulting in pain, poor function, disability, or stiffness


If you find that you are dealing with a minor summer injury, your chiropractor in Vancouver WA recommends that you utilize RICE, which is a first aid treatment for injuries that can be done at home. This includes:

  • REST: Reduce activities and take any weight off the injured area
  • ICE: For fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes off, repeat this two or three times a day with a bag of ice or a cold pack wrapped in a thin towel
  • COMPRESSION: Applying pressure with your hands or a device like a bandage wrap, or sports tape to the injured area can help
  • ELEVATION: Use a pillow or other soft surface to lift the injured area at or above the level of your heart. It’s very important to have a sports injury properly evaluated to determine the extent of the damage and prevent future or lifelong problems with joint pain, joint instability, weak muscles, and possible lack of mobility

At Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic we deal with sports injuries and offer sports chiropractic services. Contact us today if you are looking for a chiropractor in Vancouver WA who can help you take on the heat by enjoying all of the summer activities that you love. Set up your summer injury prevention screening today to ensure that you are ready for all of the adventures this season throws your way.