Eat Healthy, Eat Local – Vancouver Farmers Market

Whole Body Health at the Farmers Market

Our body is a complicated—and occasionally weird—network of intertwined systems. When we’re in pain, it’s hard to see beyond discomfort but the source can be somewhere, or something, completely unrelated to the spot that hurts. A whole-body approach to health understands this and addresses past, present, and future medical issues through diet, exercise, complementary, and preventive care.

Vancouver Farmers Market - eat heathy, eat local. Whole body health tips from Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic in Vancouver WA

Dr. Chani Henderson understands that “Chiropractic care is healing your body from the inside out. At Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic we know this to be true. We have worked with thousands of patients and watched them find freedom as they liberate their body from pain through chiropractic treatment.”

One easy way to liberate your body is simple, fun, and tasty. Consider a weekend trip to the nearby Vancouver Farmers Market. There you’ll find healthy food amidst local artisans, crafters, and community members galore…all while getting a little exercise and fresh air wandering the booths.

This is the Market’s 30th anniversary and they’re still going strong. Since the beginning, they’ve maintained a mission to “create community by providing local farm products, original artisan creations, and quality prepared foods. We Value Community, Education, Sustainability, and Growth.”

With more than 250 vendors, there are three opportunities to visit in 2019:

  • The Downtown Market runs from March 16 through October 27 every Saturday (9am-3pm) and Sunday (10am-3pm) at Esther Short Park.
  • The East Vancouver Market is Thursdays 10am-2pm from July 11 through September 12.
  • And, on Wednesdays 10am-2pm, visit Esther Short Park for the Esther Short Market from July 10 to September 11.

“I love the location of the market,” says former Vancouver-ite Emily Kelso. “You can grab lunch and eat it in the shade at Esther Short Park, children can play at the playground or in the splash river, or grab some coffee and walk along the waterfront and enjoy the river and mountain views. The variety of food is amazing, everything from ice pops to biscuits and gravy all boasting local and fresh ingredients. The one thing I can’t leave without is the amazing sourdough bread from Columbia River Sourdough Company.”

Fresh apples at the Vancouver Farmers Market

This may sound like an ideal way to spend the weekend but it’s more than that. Harvard Health Publishing studies show how healthy diet, body weight, and physical activity levels are habits that can help people enjoy “significantly, impressively longer lives.” And Johns Hopkins explains that “A core tenant of chiropractic medicine is the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself if given proper support.”

Fresh asparagus from the Vancouver Farmers Market is a very healthy addition to any meal

Which is good because the Vancouver Farmer’s Market has something for the whole person, family, home, and pet. Speaking of which, bring leashed pets along since the downtown market is pet-friendly and they could use a walk too. Plan your visit in advance using their Interactive Market Map, comprehensive vendor list, or in-depth product search. There is also an online calendar showing that week’s live music, cooking demos, and citywide events like Kids Market day and Don’t Drip and Drive.

If aches and pains from an accident, injury, aging, or sedentary lifestyle keep you sidelined, consider a visit with Dr. Chani to identify, diagnose, and treat the underlying issue. She helps treat after sports and car accidents, during pregnancy, and for general needs.

Visits start with an open conversation about concerns, background, and hopes for the future. If you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care, she’ll proceed with an examination and possibly x-rays. An outdoorsy former competitive gymnast, Dr. Henderson is no stranger to the up’s and down’s of life and all the bumps and bruises we get along the way.

The clinic accepts most insurance and will work with you throughout the process. Healthy and spry? Chiropractic care maintains mobility, balance, and pain-free movement. When you feel good, it makes eating right and exercising easy. Spring Fever isn’t just an annoyance, it’s the perfect excuse to get moving. As part of a holistic approach, chiropractic seeks to treat the whole person inside and out.

Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic is located at 5514 NE 107th Avenue in Vancouver. Give them a call at 360-254-0400 to schedule a consultation. Their offices are less than 8 miles and just 15 minutes from the Downtown Farmer’s Market so clear a day on your calendar and do both!

Doctors are experts at tracing problems to their source. Thankfully, we can trust our issues to their capable hands knowing that a better, pain-free tomorrow is possible. A tomorrow filled with warm sourdough, bouquets of fresh flowers, and homemade crafts.