Kids Accident Treatment


Child at Vancouver WA Chiropractic OfficeMany people do not realize the distinction between adult car accident injuries versus child car accident injuries. This is because injuries and pains that children experience in car accidents are often overlooked due to the belief held by some that children cannot be injured in motor vehicle collisions, and therefore they do not require any treatment. This statement is not only inaccurate, but also very dangerous!

We offer Vancouver WA chiropractic care to auto accident victims regularly and we are familiar with the attitude that children sustain fewer injuries in accidents. While it is true that children will often not complain about their injuries, it is also true that they certainly can be injured in accidents and definitely may need medical treatment!

In light of this dilemma, we at Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic want you to know that many of the concepts that pertain to adults in motor vehicle collisions also apply to children, including these basic principles:

  • Inertial acceleration/deceleration injuries
  • Patient preparedness prior to impact
  • Rotation of the head or trunk prior to impact

In fact, research indicates that the pattern of injury among children in motor vehicle collisions is similar to those of the general population.

Here are a few other things that might impact child auto accident injuries:

  • Use of child safety seats
  • The increased size of the child’s head as a proportion of the overall body mass
  • Facing the car seat towards the rear of the car
  • The use of seat belts designed for adults in children
  • The use of lap belts without a shoulder harness
  • The underdevelopment of the pediatric anterior superior iliac spine
  • The higher center of gravity in a child
  • The diminished development and strength of various spinal musculoskeletal components
  • Riding without a car seat or on the lap of an adult when traveling in a vehicle
  • The probability that a child injured in a motor vehicle collision is unprepared for the collision, or caught by surprise
  • The more unfavorable head diameter to neck diameter ratio, as compared to adults

Each of the aspects above is unique regarding children injury during motor vehicle collisions and only your health care provider or chiropractor can diagnose an auto accident injury.

Your chiropractor in Vancouver WA should understand that:

  • Children do not always fully express their symptoms
  • Children do experience injuries similar to adults from auto accidents
  • Symptoms from auto accidents might not be present for hours or days following the collision
  • Children may not even know that they are injured
  • Children should be seen as soon as possible by a medical professional after an accident
  • Following an accident, children should be watched closely for multiple days to make sure no underlying injuries pop up

At Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, we know how scary an accident can be, especially if your children are involved! If you or your child have been injured in an accident, we can help ease your pain and worry!

Contact us to learn more about auto accident injuries or for Vancouver WA chiropractic care today!