Chiropractic Care Tackles the Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great upheaval…in a good way. We rearrange homes and schedules for the new arrival. Our brains are flooded with hormones and emotions. And new aches and pains pop up then disappear as the body works to make, house, and deliver the newest member of your family. Whether first, middle, or last kiddo, if you’re feeling a little creaky give Dr. Chani Henderson at Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic a call and she’ll walk you through the wonders of pregnancy treatment.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health wryly agrees that “Everyone expects pregnancy to bring an expanding waistline. But many women are surprised by the other body changes that pop up. Get the low-down on stretch marks, weight gain, heartburn and other ‘joys’ of pregnancy [and] find out what you can do to feel better.”

They explain that body aches are the most common. “As your uterus expands, you may feel aches and pains in the back, abdomen, groin area, and thighs. Many women also have backaches and aching near the pelvic bone due the pressure of the baby’s head, increased weight, and loosening joints. Some pregnant women complain of pain that runs from the lower back, down the back of one leg, to the knee or foot. This is called sciatica.”

How else does pregnancy impact the body?

In many ways! Your growing belly can change your walking gait into the pregnant mom’s waddle. It can also cause your center of gravity to shift, impact your overall posture, and increase the curve of your back. This is where a skilled chiropractor comes in.

Doctors explain that “among the most common pregnancy ailments that chiropractors treat are headaches; lower- and upper-back pain; sacroiliac (hip and low back) pain, which starts in the lower back and often radiates down the leg; pubic-bone pain; and rib misplacement.” But treatments are tailored to changing bodies. “With pregnant women, chiropractors typically use gentler pressure than the more forceful manipulations that can be done on other adults. Many chiropractors who treat pregnant women use special cushions or a special table with a section that drops away to leave room for the belly.”

Pregnancy Care with Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic in Vancouver, WA

Dr. Henderson is experienced working with moms of all types. “Pregnancy is a beautiful yet difficult experience for a woman to go through,” she says. “As a chiropractor in Vancouver Washington, adjusting women through pregnancy is one of the most rewarding parts of my work. A healthier pregnancy means an easier labor and delivery, and a better transition into this life for the baby.”

She encourages moms to come in early on and open a dialog. “Often times we see women years after a traumatic pregnancy and they have suffered from chronic, unrelenting back/pelvic pain ever since, simply because they were unaware of their options for care during the pregnancy,” says Dr. Henderson. “Pregnancy chiropractic care is not only safe, it should be an integral part of your healthcare. We can look at the results of misalignment from a bio-mechanical, hormonal, and neurological standpoint.”

Chiropractic Care Can Ease the Discomforts of Pregnancy

The American Pregnancy Association explains that chiropractic treatment has several key potential benefits. These include a healthier pregnancy, controlling nausea symptoms, reducing labor and delivery times, relieving pain, and preventing potential cesarean delivery.

Always make sure your chiropractor specializes in pregnancy care. While they are all trained to help moms to be, it’s best to find someone who is current with today’s best practices and research. Dr. Henderson and her team are always happy to answer questions, discuss your goals and health history, and come up with a plan that benefits both you AND the baby. She can also help with postpartum care to get your body back into alignment and help facilitate pain-free healing and rebuilding a strong, balanced core. You’ll be doing plenty of lifting and twisting and carrying over the next few months and she’s there to keep you going.

Motherhood is a lifelong journey that’s best undertaken surrounded by those you love. Your circle can help wash itty-bitty onesies and soft blankets, bring saltines and tea, encourage healthy afternoon walks, or talk you through the inevitable nerves. And when body aches and pains flare up, add Dr. Henderson to that crew as a tremendous resource for both today and the future. Book an exam online or call 360.254.0400 now then sit back, put up your feet, and enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.