Athletic Benefits of Chiropractic Care – Part 2

breast strokeChiropractic care is an important part of sports medicine and many trainers encourage athletes to take part in it before, during, and after training or competing.

Today we are discussing a few more examples of how seeking a sports chiropractor in Vancouver WA could benefit your life as an athlete:

  1. Increased Strength: Although chiropractic care is mainly used for alleviating muscular and skeletal complaints, it has been reported to promote physical strength too.
  2. Support for All Athletes: For years, chiropractors at A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic have been working with athletes to improve their strength, endurance, and range of motion while training. Many athletes also use it to enhance performance and overcome minor injuries. [
  3. Soothes Tennis Elbow: As much as 50 percent of tennis players will develop tennis elbow during their lifetime, and 33% will experience it in severe fashion. The main goals of chiropractic therapy for tennis elbow is to relieve discomfort and redness, promote healing, rehabilitate the injured arm, and avoid recurrence. [
  4. Keeps Baseball Players Swinging: Baseball athletes are required to exert quick bursts of energy. From running the bases to swinging the bat, these fast-moving activities often come with rotator cuff injuries, neck pain, back strains, and hamstring pulls. Chiropractic care helps with these injuries and muscle strength and long jump distance.

It is really no question that chiropractic care is a great method of mechanical maintenance that has been proven to benefit the performance, recovery, health, and strength of athletes.

If you are an athlete who needs to set up an appointment with a sports chiropractor in Vancouver WA, contact us today! Dr. Chani Henderson is experienced and dedicated to your ability to perform at the top of your game!