Community Outreach

Chiropractic Health Screenings

Every week or two Dr. Henderson donates her time for community outreach programs. She donates mini-health screenings to local companies, for both their employees and customers. These are fun and interactive screenings!

The screenings and health care counseling include:

  • Stress checks
  • Posture analysis
  • Chiropractic therapy (back, neck & joint pain)
  • Mini massage & muscle check
  • Regular physical activity questions
  • Nutrition questions

Dr. Henderson is here to answer any questions you may have regarding Chiropractic and your health.

Some of the companies she has worked with donating her time include; Clark Public Utilities, Habitat for Humanity, Whole Foods, Curves, Learning Avenues, Wafertech, LA Fitness and several local marathons. So if you would like to have a mini-health fair donated to your company, just let Dr. Henderson know!

“Dr. Henderson was a big hit at our health fair! The kids really enjoyed getting their posture checked and learning about ways that they can stay healthy. The parents learned a lot about childhood injuries that can affect their children in the future. We look forward to having Dr. Henderson back again this year!
~Rachel W. Camas High School

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