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A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic is home to a Chiropractor in Vancouver WA who can help you with pain, or help you avoid it. Here are some of the services our chiropractors specialize in:


A pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time. This can also be a traumatic experience on your body.  Constant chiropractic care throughout a pregnancy has been proven to help make the process smoother and easier from being pregnant and delivering your child to recovery post pregnancy.


It is extremely important to seek out chiropractic care in the event of a sports related injury.  Immediate care may be vital for getting back into the activity in a timely manner. Quick determination of the injury itself can help you better plan for the future and understand the reason for the pain.   A Family and Sports Chiropractic understands that athletes are very good at knowing their own bodies, which helps them know if the pain is related to a more serious injury.


A car accident can be a very scary situation, especially if an injury results from the event. In some cases, this injury may lead to long-term pain. Chiropractic care can help you develop a plan to move forward following a traumatic accident.


Those who have never used chiropractic care before may have a great deal of questions about what to expect. They may wonder how it can help them or improve their pain or what type of treatment they can expect. During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to ask all of the questions you have.   This is also a great time to fill your chiropractor in on your past injuries and things that you have done for relief.

A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic wants to be the Chiropractor in Vancouver WA that you can trust! Contact us today!