Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor Wonders – Can Too Much Texting Lead to Neck and Shoulder Pain?


Preliminary research shows that the more time students spend text messaging, the more neck and shoulder pain they reported in a study done at Temple University. Further research could eventually provide more insight on how and why texting causes pain.

Further, in regards to students reporting more neck pain when they texted, the study also found that the shoulder pain was only developed in males as the quantity of text messaging increased, bringing into question whether or not males are more prone to physical discomfort than women when texting.

It is unknown why texting leads to shoulder and neck pain, and not pain in the hands, wrists, or other areas in the body. This is one reason why more research is necessary. Researchers suggest that these early findings on text messaging in relation to neck and shoulder pain could be comparable to past discoveries about sitting in an office and typing on a computer all day, which can lead to condition such as:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • As well as other symptoms and conditions

Ergonomic principles may be beneficial to those who experience to pain from texting. These principles have evolved into other areas of life, such as when driving, standing, or walking. Texting is a popular activity that is growing beyond students to many age groups, making it a trend to watch for possible health concerns.


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