Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor Wants You to Know the Importance of Hamstring Stretching

The majority of lower back pain and sciatica issues can improve from a regular routine of stretching your hamstrings. The tightness you may feel in your hamstrings can place greater stress on your lower back, in turn aggravating the area. This may lead to some of the conditions that cause short term or long-term back pain or sciatica pain.

Your hamstrings are a group of three muscles that are located in the back of your thigh. They begin in your pelvis area and run down to your knee, they help to bend the knee and extend the hip. Since most of your daily activities do not stretch your hamstrings, they can be overly tight. Specific stretching exercises are required to keep them extended and healthy.



Here are a few tips for effective hamstring stretching:

  • When stretching your hamstring, you should avoid bouncing, this can trigger a muscle spasm. Instead, you should enter the stretch gently and hold it.
  • You can start with holding the stretch for 10 seconds, you can gradually increase this gradually up to 30 seconds.
  • Remember to breathe as you hold this stretch.


It is important to find the position that is most comfortable so effective stretching is possible. Depending on you medical condition and pain situation, lying down may be most comfortable.


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