Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor Discusses How Child Birth Might Affect Your Spine

The delivery
 of your child is a beautiful and wonderful thing. You have been carrying this child for nine months and are ready to meet them.

After nine months of changes to your body, you are also ready to have your body back and begin to feel normal again. During the last month of pregnancy, many women are so ready to be done with pregnancy that they are not concerned about labor pains.

Once the day has come to deliver the baby, there are a few ways this might occur; you might have a vaginal delivery or a C-section.

A natural vaginal delivery will involve the expansion of the pelvis to allow the newborn to pass through the birth canal.

A C-section requires that the muscles of the abdominal wall be divided to retrieve the baby. In either scenario, the delivery of a full-term baby is extremely traumatic on your body.


A Vancouver WA chiropractor can help you prepare for delivery and maintain health during pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. Click here to discuss your pregnancy with A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic today.