Your Trusted Chiropractors in Vancouver WA Explain When to Worry about the Cracking in Your Neck

neck painNeck cracking is a fairly common practice, if you do not participate in this activity, it is likely that you know someone who does.

If you are wondering where the cracking comes from and whether or not it is something that you should be concerned about, this blog will offer some answers to help!

The first thing to realize is that in most scenarios, neck-cracking is nothing to worry about.

That said, there some few exceptions for when popping or cracking in the neck may be a sign of something bigger.

Harmless joint cracking: This is any time that a joint makes a “cracking sound,” otherwise known as crepitus. Medical professionals believe that this occurs when gas bubbles in the synovial fluid are formed or burst. This action is considered harmless, and there is no research suggesting otherwise.

If you are unsure whether your cracking was due to crepitus or something else, repeat the movement again and if it happens again it is probably crepitus.

When is your neck cracking a concern?

In some situations, the cracking can be due to a dysfunction or damage in a cervical joint. This damage may be caused by an acute injury or by degeneration over years of wear and tear. Only your medical professional or chiropractor in Vancouver WA can help you decide whether you cracking or popping is just cepitus or a more serious condition.

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