Your Trusted Chiropractors in Vancouver WA Discuss the Need for a National Chronic Pain Strategy

apainfulMany people who suffer from chronic pain feel that it is not effectively treated in the United States. The very same people who created the National Pain Strategy also see a need for a great deal of improvement.

Even though this strategy is nowhere near perfect, the goal of this plan is simply to reduce pain by as much as possible, so that those who suffer from chronic pain can live as high of quality of life as possible

One important factor of this strategy is that it takes into consideration the toll chronic pain can take from interfering with work and social activities to creating problems with both and physical health.

With back pain being the leading cause of disability under the age of 45 in America, it is incredibly important that changes be made.

Here are some tips from the National Pain Strategy:

  • Find ways to increase awareness about chronic pain
  • Create changes to the health care payment systems
  • Find a way to get quality care for those who need it
  • Find a balance for those taking opiods
  • Improve the way information is gathered

While not yet perfect, the National Pain Strategy is an important first step in creating national recognition of what chronic pain is and how it can impact the lives of those it burdens. Now that it is recognized as a disease, we can begin to understand it and treat it effectively.

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