Your Trusted Chiropractors in Vancouver WA Caution Against Mistakes that Can Make Your Pain Worse

sleepingIf you deal with chronic pain, you might think that there is nothing you can do to make it better or worse. Just like there is a whole host of things that can provide relief to your pain, there are some things that can inflame it.

Here is a list of mistakes you may want to avoid when dealing with chronic back pain:

  1. The mistake of not seeking help for your pain for too long: In most cases, regular pain will get better with time, but this isn’t true for all pain. If you do not seek help for pain that needs medical attention, you could end up in even more pain.
  2. The mistake of relying on your general practitioner for too long: If you are dealing with chronic pain, you might need to seek the help of a spine specialist.
  3. The mistake of opting for surgery too quickly: Even though surgery can fix a specific anatomical problem, some conditions do better when a non-surgical treatment plan is followed.
  4. The mistake of postponing back surgery when it is absolutely necessary: Even though surgery is not always the best approach, some conditions require it for recovery.
  5. The mistake of focusing too much on imaging results: Pain is a very personal experience and imaging scans do not show pain. The way one person experiences a condition might be very different from another.
  6. The mistake of remaining inactive: Acute pain might make you feel like you should rest and heal, it is important to keep moving. You can take it easy without being sedentary.

Our last bit of advice is that you trust yourself. The back pain experience is different for everyone, so be your own advocate and seek help when you need it! Chiropractic care can help!

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