Your Sleeping Position Matters – Tips from a Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

pillowYour sleeping position can make a big difference in your level of comfort.  Equally as important is the pillow you choose to go along with the way you sleep.

Consider trying to match the height of your pillow to your sleeping position: As you sleep, it is important that your pillow supports the natural curve of your neck.

A pillow that is too high can obstruct your breathing and cause your neck muscles to strain. That said, a pillow that is too low can also cause neck strain.

Here are some pillow suggestions depending on your sleeping positions:

For back sleepers: Consider a thin pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck. Ideally, your neck curve when you are lying on your back is similar to standing with good posture.

For side sleepers: Consider a thicker pillow to ensure that your head and neck are positioned in the middle of your shoulders. Your size will determine the type of pillow you need for side sleeping.

For tummy sleepers: It is recommended that you attempt to avoid sleeping on your stomach because it places a great deal of stress on your spine. If you can’t fall asleep in any other position, consider an ultra thin pillow, or do not use one at all.

Your sleep position and the pillow you choose can make a big difference on your comfort and quality of sleep. If you have any questions about how good sleep can help your back pain, click here to contact your trusted chiropractors in Vancouver WA today.