Your Chiropractors in Vancouver WA Help You Identify Your Poor Posture Habits

active-18975_640If you deal with chronic pain, there are things you can do to protect your spine. You can begin by identifying your poor posture habits.

Here are some of the posture issues that might impact your pain levels:

  • In today’s world of iPads and smart phones, we are spending more and more time staring down at devices. This causes our necks to flex forward with shoulders slumped. This activity is becoming so widespread that its condition has been given the name “text neck.”
  • Due to the workforce, people are spending many hours sitting at desks on a computer. This unfortunate habit can decondition our postural muscles and stiffen our spines.
  • As we approach retirement, the effect of decades of poor posture may result in p a permanent flexed-forward posture. This condition can comprise our quality of life by limiting function, causing chronic back pain, inhibiting balance, and further increase the risk for spinal fractures

We can improve our posture by practicing the ABCs of good posture. We will introduce them in our next blog post!

It is important to remember that good posture cannot prevent all health problems, but they can help you experience a higher quality of life with less pain. Click here to speak with your trusted chiropractors in Vancouver WA about how to use better posture today!