Work Ergonomics: Ways to Minimize Back Injuries From Your Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

The last blog post discussed common work related injuries. This post will look further into avoiding these injuries. There are certain basic ergonomic tips that can help, here is a list of some of them:

  • Use your body posture as a tool. Your posture should be adjusted to meet the demands of the job, while taking ergonomics into consideration. Taking these things into account can result in minimal stress on the muscles, ligaments, bones and joints.
  • Learn how to use appropriate body mechanics to limit mechanical stress while you are completing your work-related tasks.
  • Try to maintain a level of fitness and flexibility to help you develop strength. This extra muscle can help you avoid injury.


How to identify poor posture

There are many potentially harmful situations that may lead to back injury, but it can be avoided by following a few simple rules:

Prolonged static posture is the enemy. You should try to change positions every 20 minutes to ensure a full range of health. That is why sitting at a desk in an office chair becomes uncomfortable after a while. When you hold the same position, the elasticity in the soft tissues slowly diminishes.

Heavy loads may equal greater risk. Try to use proper lifting techniques, and use the proper tools if necessary. Sometimes asking for help can lead to a lower chance of injury.

Fatigue can make people move in a more awkward manner. If you have become tired from sitting in the same place or from being awake for too long, you may want to avoid lifting heavy objects.

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