Which Strokes Should You Consider for Your Back? Here Are Some Answers from A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

If you are a sufferer of chronic back pain, but want to take up swimming for a form of low impact exercise, it is important to do your research. There are certain strokes that will help your spine, and others that can cause further damage.

It is possible to work together with a coach or athletic trainer to perfect your stroke. Working on keeping your shoulders in line with your hips is highly important while swimming.

Here are a few strokes you might consider while in the water:

The freestyle and backstroke will not force your back to arch, however there is some risk of developing pain in your back due to the repetitive manner of this stroke. The butterfly and breaststroke are meant to increase lumbar extension. They do this as you arch your spine during the stroke. These strokes can add stress to facet joints in the back of the spinal column. They can lead to problems with worsening pain.

breast stroke

If you are curious about the exercises that might benefit your spine or if you are looking for the underlying causes of your pain, click here to contact a chiropractor in Vancouver WA that understands pain.