What Should You Expect from Vancouver WA Chiropractors

Everyone wonders what to expect before the head to their first visit with a chiropractor.  When your first walk into A Sports & Family Chiropractic clinic in Vancouver WA, you likely have a great deal of questions and pre-conceived notions about chiropractic services.

The first part of your chiropractic consultation will consist of your filling in your chiropractor with information about your existing health conditions and worries.  It is important to be as thorough as possible, because it may help narrow down the root of the problem.  This includes when the pain started or techniques that have worked in the past for relief, even if it was just temporary relief.

Once we review your medical history, it will be time for a chiropractic examination.  At this time your chiropractor at A Sports & Family Chiropractor clinic will determine if our treatment methods can help you.We do not believe in taking on patients that we do not feel comfortable treating, it is our goal to find the best possible treatment place for every person that comes into our office.

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