What is a Slipped Disc?  A Chiropractor in Vancouver WA Explains

person-918986_640The spinal discs in your back are round in diameter and flat.  They are securely attached to the vertebrae on either side of them.  These discs are fairly pliant, allowing for a certain level of shock absorption in the spine.

The stresses that your spine endures and changes due to aging, can make your discs prone to injury.  This in turn can cause lower back pain, leg pain, and a variety of other symptoms such as numbness and weakness.

A “slipped disc” can sometimes be a source of confusion for people with spinal disc problems.  Looking at it from an anatomical perspective, the term is not correct.  Your spinal discs do not have the ability to move, the term instead describes a problem occurring inside the spine.  This is actually true for many disc related ailments such as: a bulging disc, pinched nerve, slipped disc, herniated disc, degenerated disc, and so on.

In actuality, a slipped disc is a vertebral disc that is displaced or protruding.  This protrusion causes pain or sciatica due to the fact that it presses on nearby nerves.

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