Vancouver WA Chiropractors Explain Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)  is a very important aspect to an auto insurance policy.  The purpose of this protection is to provide you instant care following a car accident.  In the case of an accident, it is illegal for your insurance to cancel your policy or raise your rates for making a Personal Personal Injury claim.

Your PIP will cover your medical bills, so it is important to file your policy as quickly as possible to insure that you can pay those expenses on time.  In the case that the other driver is at fault, their insurance will repay your insurance company for the money rendered to the injured.  Regardless of whose fault it is, you will be covered by your PIP.   Typically the coverage lasts for 3 years or until it hits the limit listed on your policy agreement.  It covers more then medical bills, such as your lost wages, and household care.  Unlike most insurance policies, PIP has no deductible, allowing you to get better without worrying about your finances or your home.

personal injury protection

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