Vancouver WA Chiropractors Can Help You!

Our Vancouver WA chiropractic team can help you in just about any of your chiropractic needs.  Some of the services we specialize in are listed below.

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A pregnancy is a wonderful and magical time for a woman, but it also a traumatic experience on your body.  Constant chiropractic care throughout a pregnancy has been proven to help make pregnancy and even delivery an easier experience.  This part of chiropractic care is one that helps us as physicians feel rewarded and proud of, to help a woman go through the transition from pregnancy to post delivery as easily as possible.


It is important to seek chiropractic care in the event of a sports injury.  It can be vital for getting back into your sport in a timely manner and also for determining the actual cause of your injury.  Athletes are very good at knowing their body, and can tell when the pain is more severe than just soreness.  If this happens to you, Dr. Hajari and Dr. Henderson have a passion for helping athletes return to doing what they love, and would like to help you achieve that goal.


It can be very scary to be involved in a car accident, especially if an injury arises that could lead to life long pain.  Another important issue is understanding what exactly your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) actually covers.  Our Vancouver WA chiropractors have been successful in helping clients understand their policies and also in the healing process for over 23 years.


People who have never used chiropractic care before tend to have many questions about what these services can actually do to prove your life.  During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to ask all of the questions you have and also fill in your chiropractor on your past injuries and things that you have done for relief.  We are passionate about getting to the root of your problem!

If you have any questions regarding chiropractic care, please call us at (360) 254-0400!