Treatment for Your Tailbone Pain – A Chiropractor in Vancouver Can Help

Once you have determined that the pain you are dealing from is the result of coccydnia (tailbone pain), it is important to seek out the necessary treatment plan. Many Washington residents choose to start this journey with their trusted chiropractor in Vancouver.

We can come up with a variety of treatments to minimize this pain and help you find ways to manage it. In some situations, the pain is so severe that we might recommend that you seek the care of a specialist.

When significant, your pain might require you to seek medical attention for a more drastic treatment plan. This is necessary to help lower the chances of your tailbone pain getting worse or becoming chronic.

When no other course of action will work, surgery is available for your severe or chronic coccyx pain. This procedure is known as a coccygectomy. but there is a long and usually difficult recovery period after the surgery so it is preferable to manage the pain and avoid surgery if at all possible.

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For advice about your pain, whether in your tailbone or somewhere else, click here to contact a trusted chiropractor in Vancouver WA today.