Treatment for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

For those who experience back pain throughout their pregnancies, chiropractic care can provide relief that is effective in only a few treatments. It has been found that a pregnant patient who received pelvic manipulation or adjustments felt relief and restored function 91% of the time.

Types of things that your chiropractor may recommend to go along with your care are:

  • Stretching Exercises that are easy to do at home.
  • A pelvic support belt to provide extra assistance to the area that causes the pain.


It is common that the lower back pain will subside after the pregnancy ends and the baby is delivered. The six weeks following delivery the pelvic ligaments will regain their rigidity, making them better able to support the normal weight bearing and motion that a person usually experiences on a regular basis.

Appropriate treatment plans can lead to a significant reduction in lower back pain during the pregnancy and it also minimizes the chances of the pain continuing after the pregnancy ends. To read more about lower back pain and pregnancy, click here!

A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic is well equipped to treat your pain throughout your pregnancy, we even have beds that have cut outs to accommodate your growing stomach. Click here to read more about the type of care we provide our pregnant patients. Click here to contact us with any questions you may have.