The Root of Your Muscle Spasms

A muscle spasm is the way that the body protects itself when it is injured. It can also occur as a way to protect itself from impending injury. Muscle spasms that happen in the back can be caused by a muscle strain, an underlying medical condition, or a sprained muscle.


It’s important to realize that sometimes the muscle spasms in the back are simply just spasms that occur outside of any other underlying condition. A muscle senses the extent or speed to which it is being stretched out, and if either one surpasses its threshold, the muscle will protect itself by contracting. This action helps the muscle avoid damage or tearing.

Muscle spasms tend to get better within a two-week period when the appropriate steps are taken and the patient rests. If this healing does not take place, there could be an underlying problem. To read more about muscle spasms or watch a video about it, click here!

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