Subluxation – A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic

Subluxation is a term that means that a partial abnormal separation of articular surfaces of a joint has taken place. It is often used by chiropractors to depict the way a vertebra is altered as well as functional loss. This determines the location where the spinal manipulation will take place. Subluxation is always the alteration of physiological and biomechanical dynamics of contiguous structures. This can lead to neural disturbances.


When a chiropractor has a patient who suffers from subluxation, they view it as a process instead of a static condition. During this process the tissues are undergoing constant changes, including:

Hyperemia is an excess of blood in a certain part of the body. This can develop when an obstruction prevents blood from flowing in a normal manner.

Congestion is a joint dysfunction that affects the muscles in a variety of ways. Some Muscles may develop trigger points and congestions allowing toxins to develop and irritate the nerve endings.

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