Strategies to Reduce Back Pain While Gardening

The main point of this post is to discuss the fact that gardening and back pain do not have to be synonymous. If you can find a way to garden safely and efficiently, the common pain, aches, and flare ups can be avoided.


The simple act of digging can result in great muscle tension. If you keep your body aligned and lean in to the activity with the entire body, you can keep the tension off the back and equally distributed throughout the body. If you make an effort to move around as needed, instead of twisting to reach all areas, you can also avoid pain. It may be easier to stay in one spot and reach, but this can lead to injury.

Sitting down on a bucket or chair when gardening can be especially beneficial to those dealing with knee, hip, or back pain. Even when sitting during gardening, you may still experience discomfort and pain. During this activity, sitting on top of your sitting bones can help remove unnecessary pressure and keep the back experiencing chronic pain.

Overall, pain while gardening is normal and can be avoided by simply being careful. The use of the correct angle, using the entire body, and lifting with the legs can help make gardening easier and the product of the hard work, beautiful.

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