Some Gift Suggestions for Back Pain from a Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

Dear Santa,

…please bring me something to ease this pain!

If you are looking for something to ease your back pain this year, or better yet, provide you support to lessen your pain, it might be time to let the gift givers in your life know. There are a variety of back friendly gifts that may help you find relief this holiday season. Take a look through these suggestions and see if you want to add any to your holiday wish list:

  1. Spine-health’s has released a book about lumbar herniated disus. It is available on Amazon and contains a fully illustrated exercise guide, extensive surgery information, Insider information for comfort and healing during postoperative recovery, and comprehensive approaches to pain management
  2. Supportive pillows for you to put behind your neck and between your knees to keep your back aligned while your sleep.
  3. Reusable ice packs and heating pads are inexpensive and great gifts for those last minute flare ups.
  4. An exercise ball or Swedish kneeling chair to sit on.
  5. A well-designed, ergonomic chair for your office.
  6. A headset for when you are on the phone.
  7. Typing wrist guards or ergonomic supports for when you are on the computer.
  8. A prepaid session at a chiropractic clinic in Vancouver WA.

christmas 3

These are just a few great ideas for keeping your back healthy and free of pain. Click here to contact A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic today, they may have even more ideas for reducing your pain.