Some Dual Purpose Gifts for the Back Sufferer in Your lIfe – Ideas from Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor

The last blog post discussed some great gift ideas for the person who suffers with chronic back pain. This post will offer some gift ideas that might help with pain, but also with physical and emotional well-being.

  • The first suggestion is to invest in a piece of workout equipment. Consider a treadmill, stair master, elliptical, or spin bike. Each of these may help reduce pain and get them healthy at the same time.
  • If this workout equipment is not in the budget, a yoga mat, pair of tennis shoes, or set of free weights may be a good idea.
  • One great way to achieve total relaxation and relief from pain is a massage.
  • A session with a personal trainer that specializes in back conditions. This might help them shed the pounds while learning exercises that are appropriate to their specific kind of pain.

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