Seeing a Chiropractor Can Help You Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Pregnant woman from Vancouver WA seeking chiropractic care.If you are pregnant, you are probably feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders! Not just on your shoulders though, in your abdomen, your legs, and of course… in your back!

At A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, we believe that pregnancy is a beautiful thing! That said, we also know the toll it can take on your body! For this reason, we not only recommend chiropractic care, we are prepared to offer you a wonderful experience at our office!

We often see women years after going through a traumatic pregnancy and they have suffered from chronic, unrelenting back and pelvic pain ever since, simply because they were unaware of their options for care during the pregnancy.

Here are just a few ways that chiropractic care can help you through pregnancy:

  • It can help you experience an easier pregnancy
  • It can help significantly decrease actual time in labor
  • It can help new mothers get back to pre-pregnancy health more quickly
  • It can help reduce pain prior to labor, during labor, and following labor
  • It can help your recover from delivery faster

Dr. Henderson always looking for new ways to help pregnant mothers have a healthy pregnancy and is passionate about easing your pain so your pregnancy can be as enjoyable as possible!

So if you are pregnant and are wondering if pregnancy chiropractic care in Vancouver WA is right for you, contact us!