Research on Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is an ailment that many people suffer from. A new study that was recently published by Spine shows that using spinal manipulation therapy to treat this pain is more beneficial than traditional pain relievers.


93 participants were selected to take part in this study, each of the members had recent acute back pain in the last 48 hours. Each person was placed into one of 3 different groups:

  • Spinal manipulation group. 35 patients received a standardized spinal manipulation and placebo Diclofenac.
  • Diclofenac Group. 36 patients received 50 mg Diclofenac three times per day along with sham manipulation.
  • Placebo Group. 22 patients received sham manipulation and placebo Diclofenac.

The data was collected over a period of 12 weeks and the variables of the study were; self-related disability, function, number of times more medication was needed to relieve pain, and time off work. The medication that participants took outside of what was provided by the study was referred to as “rescue medication.”

The results of this study over the course of the 12 weeks were that both spinal manipulation and Dicofenac helped relieve participants pain more effectively then the placebo. There was a very high drop out rate in the placebo group due to the occurrence of chronic pain, leading researchers to end that portion of the study early on. The results also showed that the group that received the Diclofenac still experienced high levels of pain and were significantly more inhibited then the group who received the spinal manipulation.

In conclusion, while it may be easier to pop a pain reliever when your back pain shows up, it could be in your best interest to seek chiropractic care for spinal manipulation instead. You may find yourself back to your old self faster, giving you more time for you favorite activities.  To read more about spinal manipulation versus pain medication, click here.

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