Minimizing Gardening Related Back Pain

Gardening is an activity that can place a great deal of pressure on the back and lead to pain. Gardening can be therapeutic and give people a terrific hobby, but with so much to do it is no wonder that pain is common. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with a large gardening process, here are so tips to help you make the experience less painful and more enjoyable.


  • Weeding: One main chore that can lead to pain is weeding. The correct combination of shade and strategy can minimize how much pulling is necessary.
  • Mulching: This is one technique that can be beneficial. It involves covering the garden space with material in order to prevent the light from nourishing weed seeds, blocking the weeds growing. The application of this process can be strenuous, so you may want to have someone help you.
  • Raised Beds: When working in a vegetable garden, back pain can intensify due to it being located directly on the ground. The use of raised beds, using wood or cinder blocks as a surround, can provide homeowners a place to sit while they work.

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