Meet Vancouver Wa Chiropractor Dr. Chani Henderson

DrHenderson200Dr. Henderson is a graduate of the University of Westerns States Doctor of Chiropractor program. She is constantly looking for new and cutting edge techniques to provide the best care to her clients. Even after 9 solid years of education, learning never ends.

Her passion is treating the whole patient instead of focusing on covering up symptoms. She encourages questions because the better she can get to know her clients, the better she can understand your aliments. She also believes that if her patients can learn more about their body, the healthier they can be. While she is strongly prepared to treat auto accident injuries and family and sports care, her main interests lie in pediatric care and women’s health.

Dr. Henderson takes part in many athletic activities from surfing to snowboarding, and as a past gymnast herself she understands the various injuries that can occur during competitive activity.

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