McKenzie Exercises for Whiplash

The primary whiplash treatment that your chiropractor may choose for related muscle dysfunction, stimulation, or muscle relaxation can consist of gentle stretches to the area that has experienced excessive tension or repeated contractions. If the muscle is experiencing a great level of tightness, it may require a more vigorous stretch. Your chiropractor will do this by using gentle finger pressure techniques to trigger points to relieve the pain associated with the tight muscles.accident-785442_640-1

McKenzie Exercises and Stabilization/Sensorimotor Activities may be employed by your Chiropractor using different types of exercises to help treat your whiplash injuries. McKenzie exercises are designed to reduce the disc derangement related to whiplash. They consist of simple movements that are introduced in your chiropractors office, but are easy enough to be continued from the comfort of your own home. The great part about the McKenzie exercises is that they allow you to be involved in your own recovery. Click here to read more about McKenzie exercises and how they can benefit your recovery from whiplash.

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