How Pet Therapy Can Help your Chronic Pain – Part 2

cat-645084_640Chronic pain can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing and make you feel isolated and alone. The people in your life do their best to empathize, and even though they love you, they don’t truly know what it feels like to be in chronic pain or what you are going through.

This is why your trusted chiropractor in Vancouver WA suggests a pet to help you cope with your pain! Your pet can give you a feeling of understanding and companionship that you might not be receiving from the outside world.

The unconditional love you get from your pet makes it so you never have to explain yourself!  They also give you a break from the pain and give you a reason to get out into the world. A short walk in the fresh air with your furry best friend can help you reconnect with nature and society, helping to reduce your feelings of isolation.

Therapy animals are more than just a great way to get back into the world, they also provide you with the comfort and support you are looking for in your time of pain!

Getting FitA tip from your chiropractor: Learn from your animal! They have certain pain relieving habits that you can mirror, such as getting up and stretching. Research shows that people who suffer with chronic pain should stretch 15 to 20 minutes each day. Daily exercise helps reduce pain too, so walking your dog can serve multiple purposes.

For more help, contact A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic in Vancouver WA! If you suffer from chronic pain, we can determine a plan that is best for you.