Giving Your Chiropractor in Vancouver WA a Description of Your Pain is Important

People visit a chiropractor in Vancouver WA to help them manage their pain every day. At your first appointment, Dr. Hajari or Dr. Henderson will ask you to describe the pain that you are experiencing. The way that you describe your pain, it’s symptoms, and the origin of where it is located, is important to coming up with a pain diagnosis. The treatment options will vary depending on your unique injury or condition.

ayogaThree of the most common classifications of back pain include:

  • Axial pain. This is also known as mechanical pain. This form of pain can be characterized in a variety of ways. It might be sharp or dull, or be constant or come and go. The most common form of axial pain is a muscle strain.
  • Referred pain. This is a dull and achy pain. It tends to move around the body and can vary in severity.
  • Radicular pain. This type of pain is often described as a deep and searing pain. Radicular pain will follow the path of the nerve into the legs or arms and is sometimes also accompanied by numbness or weakness. This type of pain is often felt when inflammation, compression, or injury to a spinal nerve root occurs. This type of pain can also be described as sciatica or radiculopathy. People who experience radicular pain have in many cases experienced spinal stenosis, spondylosthesis, or a herniated disc.

When you come into A Family and Sports Chiropractic Clinic, you will want to be thorough and honest about what you have been experiencing. This can help them determine the prefect and most individualized treatment plan possible. Click here to view our new patient offer.