Facts From Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor About Spinal Stenosis Surgery

Stenosis means abnormal narrowing of a body channel. When stenosis is combined with the word “spinal,” it means that this stenosis is occurring in the spinal nerves or spinal cord area.

Sometimes people are born with a congenital condition, but in most situations they develop it as part of the degenerative process. A few people don’t’ feel any symptoms of this narrowing process, but during the aging process they will begin to. Most of these people will start feeling radiating pain, numbness, or weakness.

Even though this narrowing may occur in different locations, the symptoms are typically similar. For this reason, specialists will perform testing to determine the location and cause of the narrowing.

If spinal stenosis surgery is performed, it is important to identify the different locations and types of compression in order to provide the surgeon guidance. Surgeons can create a specific plan using proper imaging of the areas of spinal stenosis. It is important for the subtle differences between the central, far lateral, and foraminal locations to be defined. It is necessary to address all of the potential areas and create a deliberate plan.



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