Ergonomics of the Office and Workplace: An Overview from Your Vancouver WA Chiropractor

Back pain is a very common work-related injury. It is most often caused by your every day activities, from sitting in your office chair to lifting heavy objects. Remembering to apply ergonomic principals to your daily work activities can help you prevent your work related pain, in turn keeping your back as healthy as possible.

The goal of using ergonomics in your workplace is simple, it is to adapt the workplace to each worker. This is dependent on the job you are assigned, the required tasks, and the physical make up of yourself, the employee performing those tasks. There are two situations where a person may begin having back pain or sustain a back injury while working:

A “non-accidental” injury. This is where pain occurs as a result of normal tasks. Poor body mechanics, prolonged activity, repetitive actions, and fatigue are the main reasons behind these injuries.


An “accidental” injury. This is the result of an unexpected event which causes an injury. An example of this would be, a load that slips or shifts as it is being lifted or a slip and fall. These accidents can sometimes cause a jolt of your neck, back, and other joints leading to injury. For more information on injures that result from the workplace, click here!

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