Diagnosing Underlying Conditions

The last blog discussed muscle spasms and what they mean to the human body. In most situations, this spasm is the body simply protecting itself. If healing does not take place over the period of two weeks, you should consider seeking medical attention because you could have an underlying condition that is causing the spasms.

For example; Pain that comes from the facet joint (the hinge joints in the lumbar spine) may be a herniated or ruptured disc. This means that the pain radiating from this disc will cause a muscle spasm.

One way to determine the severity of your condition is to relax and allow your body time to get better. Once you do this, you should be able to get back to regular activity without pain. If the pain strikes up again, you should be concerned.


As you seek treatment for recurrent back spasms, it is important for the treatment to including diagnosis of the underlying condition. Symptomatic treatment can only do so much for your pain, which will return again once the medication wears off. The spasms will continue until the cause is evaluated, discovered, and treated. To read more about the treatment of muscle spasms, click here!

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