Control Breakthrough Pain with these Strategies from a Chiropractor in Vancouver WA

wrist InjuryIf you are noticing that you suffer from sudden spikes of intense pain that are not relieved by your medication, you might be experiencing breakthrough pain.

This type of pain has a quick onset and typically peaks after 5 minutes.

Since it usually only lasts for an hour or less, your pain relievers likely will not take effect fast enough to help you.

There are short-acting and immediate-release opioids on the market that can be beneficial, but they are narcotics. Many people try to avoid them due to their addictive qualities.

If you suffer from arthritis or lower back pain, it is not uncommon to deal with these flare-ups regularly. Here are a few strategies to consider if you fall into this category:

  • Track your flare-ups in a diary: This can help show when the breakthrough pain occurs and help you find ways to avoid it.
  • Consider physical therapy instead of medication: Many opioids carry the risk of side effects and addiction. Your chiropractor or medical professional can work with you to work on strengthening your body’s systems. This can help control the frequency and severity of your pain.
  • Accept and treat your depression or anxiety: This is easier said than done, but once you accept that your emotional needs are just as important as your physical ones, you can begin to heal. You might not even realize how much chronic pain is tied to depression and anxiety.

Breakthrough pain is unpredictable, making it incredibly difficult to manage. To improve your situation, watch your symptoms and stay in close contact with your trusted chiropractors in Vancouver WA.

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