Can Biking Cause Pain?

In the last blog we discussed the benefits of bicycling for individuals who suffer from lower back pain. It is important to also realize that biking can also lead to back and neck pain, especially in situations where it is overdone or not done properly.

Because of the low level of conditioning provided by this aerobic activity, the back can be strained in the process. This pain can be increased when the riders posture is off. The position on the bike can cause the neck to arch and strain both the neck and back. Riding on rough terrain leads to jarring and compression to the spine, further increasing back pain.

How to Prevent Back Injuries or Neck Injuries from Biking

  • If you have a history of neck or back conditions but want to bicycle as part of your aerobic exercise routine, you should select the very best bike for your purpose. You should make sure to adjust it properly so it fits your body.
  • Do your homework on proper form as a means to lessen possible pains.
  • As you ride, make sure to adjust and stretch your back and neck as to keep it from tightening up.  Click here to read more about how biking can impact your neck and back pain.



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