Bicycling and Back Pain

Biking is a very common form of aerobic exercise, specially if you live in Clark County, WA. There are so many trails designated for outdoor activities, making the area a biker friendly place to live. Many people who suffer from lower back pain choose this form of athletic activity because of the low level of stress it causes. Here are a few reasons why biking is a great option for those who deals with chronic back pain.

  • Biking is a less jarring activity and causes less impact to the spine than other types of exercise. When the weather is not ideal, many choose stationary bicycling because it is both gentle on the spine and a great workout. Spinning classes also offer these same benefits, while also providing a vigorous workout.
  • Leaning forward is more comfortable for those who deal with lower back pain because it offers a forward-leaning position of sitting on the bike.
  • For individuals who suffer from lower back pain, a reclining position will feel better, such as in a recumbent bike. ┬áTo read more about bicycling and back pain, click here.


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